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Yangon Restaurants – 5 Best Restaurants to try in Yangon

Myanmar is known for its Burmese and fused cuisine that is heavily influenced by a number of different cuisines like Chines, Thai, Indian and Indonesian. Most of the Myanmar restaurants in Yangon serve Burmese traditional food like tea leaf salad, noodle soups and rice noodle dishes, but there are some that also have Western food. The nation is moving towards development and their cuisine is also moving towards the same path of fusing different type of cuisine.

An interesting thing about the modern Burmese gastronomy world is that many Burmese chefs have returned from other parts of the world to run their own businesses in Myanmar.

Best Restaurants in Yangon

Wondering which restaurants to visit in Yangon? Do not worry, we have made a compact list of the top Myanmar restaurants in Yangon. Browse below and plan a visit today.

1. Padonmar Restaurant

Padonmar restaurant is situated on the Kha-Yae-Pin Road, in Yangon, and is an elegant construction of two-storeys. The specialty of the place is that it is managed and operated by Sonny Aung Khin, who is an international Burmese chef. The restaurant has a no-frills approach as you will notice that it is built in a 1920s house with a beautiful garden. The look and feel of the place is quite interesting and pleasing as it has a no less than a garden party feel. Padonmar Restaurant is known for its delicious and naturally prepared dishes, without any MSG added, and some of its famous must-try’s include soups, sauces, salads and myriad meat dishes.

Address: 105/107 Kha Yay Pin St, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

2. Shwe Sa Bwe

If you want to visit a place where you can get great food and some good karma then Shwe Sa Bwe is the place for you. Burma is a place in its early stages of development and therefore, places like this one is doing a great job of playing their part in helping it. The restaurant is located on the 20, Malikha Street, Mayagone and it specializes in French cuisine and is operated by young Myanmar locals. Founded by Francois Stoupan, it has a training school that gives free of cost training to young underprivileged Burmese local youth so that they can support their cause. The training is 9 months long and it covers both culinary and service expertise, the food is excellent and its cause makes it a must visit Myanmar restaurant in Yangon.

Address: Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Phone:+95 1 661 983

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3. Sharky’s

The place is run by a skilled cook, Ye Htut Win, who has spent years working in the restaurants and bars in Geneva, Switzerland. On his return to Burma, he undertook a retraining as a farmer to learn how raw vegetables and other ingredients work in a dish. The restaurant is on the 117, Dhamazedi Road, and since it is too costly for locals, you are likely to find more tourists there. Sharky’s is known for its delicious homemade ice creams, a wide array of cheese, yogurts, skillfully bread loaves, cold meat cuts, local beer and dishes like pizzas and salads made from extremely fresh vegetables and fruits.

Address: Dhammazedi Road, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Phone:+95 1 524 677

4. Monsoon Restaurant

Monsoon Restaurant is on the 85-87 Theinbyu Road, Botataung Township Road and is one of the best restaurants that you will not want to miss in Yangon. The place is pained in bright yellow and has quite a relaxing atmosphere, nothing like what you will find at any high-class eatery where you really need to be careful. The food they serve include deliciously made ice creams, coffee, snacks and scrumptious Asian style food Burmese and Indonesian food. Monsoon Restaurant has a craft shop on its upper floor, which makes it an ideal place to eat and shop some great souvenirs.

Address: 85-87 Thein Phyu Rd, Yangon, Myanmar
Phone:+95 1 295 224

5. Feel Myanmar Food

Going for a visit to the National Museum Myanmar? Great. And its not only a great idea because National Museum is one of the most iconic buildings in Myanmar, Yangon, but also because it has a Feel Myanmar Food cafe nearby. The place is a pure example of raw Burmese culture and setting as it has a lot of it displayed in everything they do. The place is quite famous with local office workers as the place becomes enormously filled at lunchtime. However, if you manage to get there and find a seat, rest assure that you will get your food served. The serving staff is friendly and if you are new then they will help you in deciding the dishes. Food is served in steel trays and it has a variety of seafood, noodles, salads, chicken and meat dishes and a collection of fresh juices.

Address: 124 Pyi Htaung Su Yeikthar Street, Yangon, Myanmar
Phone:+95 9 730 48783

Eating experience in Yangon is never boring, you will get the best Burmese food and western style dishes and a great environment to enjoy good food. For more information, you can checkout out detail roundup of Myanmar Restaurants.

Have we left any good Myanmar restaurant in Yangon? Please comment and let us know about them.

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