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Try this Myanmar Restaurant in Singapore for Burmese Food

Burmese food is not famous in Myanmar only, but Burmese food fanatics are present in the neighboring countries also, especially Thailand and Singapore. Singapore’s Peninsula Plaza is notably filled with a number of Burmese restaurants that offer authentic & traditional Myanmar food.

One of the chief reasons of the cuisine’s popularity is that Burmese community has moved to Singapore in a significant amount. Since Myanmar has unstable economical means, and the condition was even worse in previous times, people have moved to neighboring countries for better opportunities.

The search for Myanmar restaurant in Singapore can be a bit difficult, but thanks to Peninsula Plaza, as you will find several good Burmese food restaurants and spots there. It has two famous Burmese restaurants, Yanant Thit Myanmar Restaurant and Inle Myanmar Restaurant.

Myanmar Restaurant in Singapore

Both Yanant Thit Restaurant and Inle Myanmar Restaurant are famous for their food & recommended Myanmar restaurant in Singapore. But we will dedicate our post to the latter and the reason is that it is based on a famous tourist attraction place in Myanmar, Inle Lake. The place is known for its floating villages, gardens, one-legged fishermen (called so due to their unique style of fishing) and availability of rare lotus silk fabric.

The Inle Mynamar Restaurant is located at the 111 North Bridge Road, #B1-07 (A/B) Peninsula Plaza, Singapore and is open daily from 11am to 10pm. The place is located nearby the Yanant Thit Restaurant and is quite famous with Singaporean and Burmese community, who are in search of rich and authentic Myanmar cuisine.

What is Inle Myanmar Restaurant is about?

The place is about Myanmar and local Burmese food; they have skilled chefs that are adept at preparing delicious and authentic Burmese dishes. The ingredients and recipes they use are passed down to them from generations and therefore, it is safe to say that what you will get is good quality authentic Burmese food. The cuisine is heavily influenced by Thai, Indian and Chinese cultures, but the chefs at Inle Myanmar Restaurant are experts at fusing the flavours and giving them that unique Burmese texture and taste.

Inle Restaurant Menu

The menu is filled with local Burmese cuisine and has appetizers, noodles, rice dishes, set meals and desserts. Some of the notable appetizers featured on the menu are pickled tea leaf salad, prawn salad, chicken salad, spring rolls, gourd fritters and century egg salad. Pickled tea leaf salad is an all time favourite Burmese local food and what they serve at the restaurant is quite good and delicious, besides, the century egg salad is also delicious. Most of the Burmese food is prepared with fermented ingredients, which means they are both delicious and healthy.

The noodles are topped with the famous traditional Burmese dish Mohinga, thin rice noodles serves in fish soup and with several assortments like egg slices, fish cake and fritters. Other than this, they have Meeshay, another Burmese favourite served with a side soup and condiments like Shan tofu fritters, crispy and fried bean sprouts, etc., Rakhine, Dry Nangyi Thoke and Myanmar fried Kway Teow.

The Rice dish menu is filled with traditional fried rice, salted fish fried rice, pickled tea leaves rice, butter flavoured rice with the curry of your choice, chicken or pork. The desserts served by the restaurant are an interesting collection of fruits sundae, egg pudding garnished with fruits and vanilla ice-cream, Myanmar style ice kachang and Moh Let Sung.

Other than serving, Inle Myanmar Restaurant also offers party hosting and catering services, which means that you can get authentic Burmese food right at your doorstep. Some of the events they host are office gatherings, anniversaries, birthday parties and wedding parties.

Have you tried the traditional Burmese food at the Inle Myanmar Restaurant? Please comment and let us know of your experience. If you’re in Singapore, you can get more information about the city and tourist places by visiting this Singapore Travel Blog.

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