Top 6 Must Visit Myanmar Online Shopping Sites

Myanmar is taking active steps in advancing and making Myanmar online shopping stores is one of them; where the internet has made other activities of finding addresses and other information easier, it has improvised the shopping process to a great deal. Although you can always go to shopping malls in Myanmar but, what about the days when you do not feel like leaving your home and yet want to do your favourite thing? Yes, this is why online shopping sites have gained so much fame.

Where doing online shopping is a pleasant experience, it can be equally frustrating too, especially if you are exploring your options in a new country. Most probably, you will not know about the good and worthy sources, information will be scarce and you will be doubtful about the things’ quality. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out and get you going with our Myanmar online shopping guide.

Best Myanmar Online Shopping Sites

Below are 6 of the best Myanmar online shopping sites that have everything, in case you need to buy anything during your visit.

1. MyLife Online Store

MyLife online store is one of the notable online shopping stores of Myanmar, keeping in view the development stages of the country; MyLife is a good start and has a number of good quality products also. It is quite impressive to witness the collection of clothes, shoes, bags, watches and home appliances. The website’s content is in local language with the product descriptions presented in the English language. Cosmetics, handbags, books, bedding, personal care, entertainment, computer appliances and home decoration products. The website has a good feel with purple as their theme colour.

Store Address:

2. Myanmar Online Store

Myanmar Online Store is next in line of progressive online shopping stores. The site is easy to navigate, but you may encounter some issues with the images on the site since they are not displaying correctly. It has various categories and offer products like cosmetics, printers, men fashion products, women fashion products, cosmetics and mobile phones. The store is very limited in its collection, as you will notice as soon as you will land on the site. The categories have no more than 20 products as it is giving a feel of a cart being in its early developmental stages. Hopefully, it will turn out a good shopping source in near future.

Store Address:

3. Myanmar Shopping

Myanmar Shopping instigated its operations in the year 2004 and is now one of the prominent shopping destinations for consumers. Like Myanmar Online Store, Myanmar Shopping is also presented in local language with very limited stock mostly because it does not offer direct shopping but addresses on shopping malls and shops. You will find a number of categories like Home and Decor, Health and Beauty, Consumer Products, Wedding, Electronics, Auto Mobiles, Food and Beverages and Gems and Jewellery along with their popular outlets that you can later visit.

Store Address:

4. MB Shop Shopping Online

MB Shop, or Myanmar Blog Shop, has been operating since 2013, a major reason that this site has good product stock to offer. You will pretty much get everything here, which also means that you may not need to browse any other sites once you land here. The products are divided into 3 wide categories; blogshop, deals and open shop. The product line includes wedding dresses, handbags, shoes, hair and skin products and housewares like a mini air cooler and backpacks. In the Deals area, they are offering face masks, watches and home English teachers.

Store Address:

5. Shokzay

Shokzay is a speciality online store committed to providing high quality electronic products and phones. Unlike other Myanmar online shopping destinations on this list, Shokzay is focused on single shopping field; the site is clean with no overly coloured graphics or fonts, which is good. Sites related to electronic items do, and should, not have heavily coloured graphics so that the users can find the categories and products with ease. The products include desktops, Mac, laptops and notebooks, mp3 players, cameras, tablets, monitors and scanners. The collection is limited, but we are hopeful that they will add more pages and products on their site soon.

Store Address:

6. Online Fashion Wear

As Shokzay is dedicated to phones and other electronic appliances, Online Fashion Wear focuses on clothing fashion for men and women. The site has been in business since 2008, and the content is, again, in local language with some instructions in English. The site takes a while to upload, especially the slideshow that starts with every category, but still, it’s quite simple to use. Surprisingly, there isn’t any Buy Now option on any category so we are guessing whoever wants to place their order will need to contact them via their emails given on Contact page and they have given the address of their showroom also, in case you want to pay them a visit.

Store Address:

Myanmar online shopping sites are gaining quite some attention now, as the people are moving towards exploring this new kind of shopping source. We have compiled this list to get you started with the online Myanmar shopping but you will get other commendable online shopping destinations also. You can read about what to buy in Myanmar to make most of shopping online in Myanmar.

Have you shopped at any Myanmar online shopping destination? Comment and let us know if we have left out any worthy site.

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