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Myanmar Tea Shop – Top 6 Places to have a Tea in Myanmar

Tea is a major part of Myanmar’s culture, people here spend a good amount of their time visiting one of the local Myanmar tea shop. They love to have tea and when you are in Myanmar, especially Yangon, you will fall in love with its unique taste too. Since they are such ardent lovers of tea, people of Myanmar are really skilled at preparing different kinds of teas and coffees that you are sure to love.

People of Myanmar are tightly cultured and therefore, they like to spend time with each other and having tea, one of the main reasons there are so many tea shops and tea stalls there. Therefore, if you want to experience real deep Burmese culture, then pay a tea shop a visit.

Best Myanmar Tea Shop

Wondering which Burmese tea shop you should visit to get the best tea? We have the answer; following are some of the best places to visit if you want to get the real and authentic tea during your visit. You can also explore local restaurants in Myanmar to enjoy the tea.

1. Rangoon Tea House

As the name suggests, this Myanmar tea shop is located in Yangon and one of the most notable places offering traditional and newly blended tea. The tea house is quite a sight to view and place to visit; it is an elegant blend of classic and modern Burmese culture. The cafe has notable facilities of projector playing classic Burmese movies and music, WiFi and plug sockets in case you need to have your phone charged.

Some of the specialties of the cafe include different varieties of black tea, tea leaf and pennyworts salads and a hot bowl of Mohinga. The tea collection is good, but the place is quite low on privacy as it is quite crowded and one of its kind. Learn more about Rangoon Tea House here.

2. Yatha Tea Shop

Yatha Tea Shop is a great place if you want to get good Muslim experience, Muslims have quite colourful and delicious cuisine and you will get the same in Yatha tea shop. You will get classic tea with refreshingly fresh plates of samosas and parata. When in the tea shop, you will get to choose from a number of varieties of samosas, mutton pastries, coconut pastries with hot milky strong tea and friendly service. Once you settle down, plates of sweet will be brought to you and you can choose the one you like along with your green or traditional tea, one of the best places to visit.

3. Lucky Seven Tea House

Lucky Seven Tea House is one of the chief Myanmar tea shop chains in Yangon; it is a high-class traditional tea shop and is best known for cuppa. Burmese people love tea and it is evident from the presence of so many of teashops and cafes around, Lucky Seven has its branches all over Yangon and the place is quite well known for its breakfast variety, Mohinga, flaky-pastry savoury buns and excellent Myanmar tea. The food is offered at reasonable rates and the you will encounter neatly dressed and clean waiters. It is also a central tourist attraction as both locals and Europeans are equally fond of these tea shops.

4. Shwe Khaung Laung

This Myanmar Tea Shop is Chinese in style and origin and offers a number of excellent snacks with tea; the menu consists of steamed buns, baked cakes, noodles and pastries. Having snacks with tea is a tradition in Myanmar, the reason that the tea will never be served alone and you will have a good variety to choose from. Our suggestion? Order your tea with steamed buns and pastries and visit this place for a breakfast or evening tea.

5. Acacia Tea Salon

Acacia Tea Salon is a high class Myanmar Tea Shop and a bit more costly than traditional ones, the teahouse is elegantly built at nearly a tree level, which means that you will get to hear and enjoy the birds signing, especially if you visit the place in the morning. The staff is smartly uniformed and sufficiently trained to welcome the new arrivals with a pleasant demeanor. The speciality of the teahouse includes sweet black tea, condensed milk and sugar tea and meals that are eloquently decorated, a perfect place blended with tradition and style. Learn more about Acacia Tea Salon by visiting their Facebook page.

6. Local Tea Shops

When talking about Myanmar tea shops, you simply cannot ignore the tea stalls and shops located at the corners of Yangon, Bagan and all over Myanmar. As said before, people here love to have tea and it is an essential part of whatever they do, while you visit at local markets, you will find a number of tea stalls that over sweet milky Myanmar tea, especially Laphet. Laphet is a traditional tea and is a must ingredient for every occasion; the tea is drunk as well as an eater, which is something unique. When eaten, the tea is served in beautiful lacquerware with other assortments like garlic, dried shrimp, ginger, coconut and peanuts. Read more about traditional Myanmar food to try.

Myanmar is housed for a variety of tea and the best green tea that is both used for drinking and to clean the cups when a richer version of teas are served. If you love tea, then Myanmar is sure to please you in am number of ways.

Have we left out any other good tea shop in Myanmar? Comment and give your suggestions.

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