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Myanmar Souvenirs – Top 10 Souvenirs & Gifts to buy in Myanmar

Having a memorable visit and wondering what Myanmar souvenirs to buy back home? We have a whole list compiled up for it. Myanmar is an ancient and interesting place; it has loads of memorable pagodas, delicious and unique cuisine and extremely dexterous people that are known for their skills and hard work.

While in Myanmar, shopping there will have multiple advantages, having rare and beautiful things to buy in Myanmar for your family and friends and helping the people are two of the main benefits. Since the country has been in a constant state of chaotic flux, the situation had its toll on its economic and social diffidence. Therefore, buying from there is the best way to show your appreciation and respect for this rich cultured land.

Top 10 Myanmar Souvenirs to Buy

You will have myriad choices of what to buy and what to leave in Myanmar due to which we strongly recommend that you have your local guide to help you buy original and good quality souvenirs. You can also buy these souvenirs from one of the Myanmar Shopping Mall.

Following is our list to acquaint you with some of the must and best souvenirs to buy in Myanmar:

1. Marionettes

Since the arrival of more digital and electronic modes of entertainment, people have moved away from this traditional type of entertainment. Marionettes are puppets that were once used for live puppet shows, which is now swiftly becoming a thing of the past. Still, there are marionette shows that you can enjoy and, these marionette puppets make great Myanmar souvenirs and take back gifts for your family and friends.

2. Longyi

Longyi is a comfortable traditional skirt that is worn by both the Burmese men and women, it is a wrap around skirt that is either made in simple cotton fabric or more sophisticated silk thread, in both ways it is equally comfortable. When worn by men, it is called Paso and in case of women, it is called Htamein, it comes in different designs from the plain simple fabric to printed one. Longyi skirts is a great attire to wear during your stay in Myanmar as well as a great gift and souvenir for a Myanmar idea to take back home.

3. Paper Umbrellas

Burmese people are skillful people, and these paper umbrellas are clear examples of it, while visiting Inle Lake Myanmar you can actually visit one of such paper factories and buy some for yourself and your friends as a souvenir. These umbrellas are handmade, the motifs and designs are created and painted directly on the paper, and they are pleasant enough to make these masterpieces in the presence of visitors also.

4. Traditional Gongs

Gongs and bells are used in temples as the monks use them to make the public and visitors attentive to the tasks of virtuous deeds. Besides, families to call the members for meals also use these, you can buy these for the same purpose or you can simply hang them in your house as a commemoration and souvenir from Myanmar.

5. Genuine Gemstones

Myanmar is home to the finest quality of gemstones including rubies, jade, topaz and sapphires, and it is the chief exporter of gemstones in the world. You can buy raw stones and you can also buy the jewellery made out of it, in case of raw gemstones, you will need to have a government-issued permit to buy and carry them. You can visit any of the gold shop in Myanmar to buy unique gems as a souvenir.

6. Shan Bags

Shan bags are hand woven on wooden handlooms and a common form of baggage used as Shan style shoulder bags. The bags are quite versatile in nature as they are used as school bags and as a casual snack or hand bag that could be carried to a market or mall.

7. Silverware

Besides lacquerware, silverware is the second most highly sought after craft in Myanmar, the craft is here since the 13th century and people are extremely adept at creating a number of objects from them. Some of the silversmiths make their things purely by hand and the range includes silver jewellery and intricately designed pots and vessels. When it comes to Myanmar souvenirs, silverware is a must-buy.

8. Hand-Woven Tapestries

Hand woven tapestries are the unique Myanmar souvenirs and the art dates back to the 18th century and the weavers are busy making this elaborately crafted and designed cloth for dance costumes and wall hangings for family hearth. Some modern uses of this ornate piece of cloth into fashionable and ethnic handbags.

9. Lotus Silk Shawls and Scarves

Lotus thread is the rare produce of Myanmar and since you will not find it anywhere else in the world, it is better that you buy its fabric when in Myanmar. The process is quite painstaking and time consuming, which makes it extremely priced and luxurious. Visit Nyaung Shwe village and other nearby places to Inle Lake to buy genuine lotus silk shawls and scarves as a souvenir & gift.

10. Marble Carvings

Other than gemstones and silverware, Myanmar is known for its premium quality marble also, Burmese people are extremely skilled and creative in making beautiful and rare handicrafts. Buddha statues made in marble directly extorted from Saqyin Hill and carved with the wooden tool made from tamarind or trees only, are one of the best Myanmar souvenirs to take back home. Buy some when there and present them as gifts or keep them in your personal collection.

These are the best Myanmar souvenirs & gifts to buy on your trip. You can get more information about where to buy these souvenirs from our Myanmar Shopping Guide.

Myanmar is no less than a wonderland and you will have numerous choices of souvenirs there, which ones are your favourite? Let us know in your comments.

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