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Myanmar Shopping – Your Shopping Guide to Myanmar

Myanmar is a beautiful place filled with precious gemstones, stunning pagodas and people with the heart of gold. Myanmar Shopping is no less than having a walk in a rich cultural land with rare objects to behold and equally rare shopping items to buy as Myanmar souvenirs and gifts. Although Myanmar is not big on modernization and you will rarely find the same New York shopping experience, that does not mean that it does not have anything to offer. Besides, it is more likely that what you will find here will not be available in other parts of the world.

Here is a complete guide of where to go for shopping in Myanmar, and what to buy in Burma, the place is filled with a good number of shopping destinations and all you need to do is to find them.

Myanmar Shopping Guide

You have the choice to either visit the Myanmar shopping mall and shops personally or make the purchase through online shopping stores.

Following are some of the places to buy rare and unique things in Myanmar:

1. J’s Irrawaddy Dream – For Authentic Handicrafts Shopping

Looking to buy some authentic and rare handicrafts in Myanmar? Make J’s Irrawaddy Dream a sure destination for it. When in Myanmar it is quite easy to indulge in locally crafted objects, but it is equally important that what you buy is 100% authentic and is coming from a quality seller. The shop specializes in all kinds of crafts, lacquarware, lush silk fabric and beautifully crafted jewellery and Buddha’s statues. The place is impressively filled with modern day and antique art pieces that you will hardly find anywhere else & thus a preferred Myanmar shopping destination for tourists.

Address: 1st Floor, Strand Hotel, 92 , Strand Road, Yangon, Myanmar

2. Bogyoke Aung San Market – For Gifts & Souvenirs Shopping

The ancient and one of the most widely known and attractive shopping destinations in Myanmar, Bogyoke Aung San Market is a located in central Yangon and is melting pot of Burmese culture. Previously known as Scott Market, it has everything you want to have as souvenirs and gifts and what makes the place a perfect shopping spot is that it is run by locals who offer genuine things like handwoven tapestries, the much renowned sand-paintings, authentic and rare silk fabric and gemstones, pearl jewellery and house ware and things made from lacquer.

Address: Bo Gyoke Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

3. Zawgyi Mart – Online Store

Zawgyi Mart is a significantly large online shopping store in Myanmar, and has everything you need to buy during your stay in Myanmar. Unlike many of the online superstores that are in the rudimentary phase of development, Zawgyi Mart is quite developed and fairly equipped to cater to the shopping needs of the locals and tourists alike. The collection consists of home appliances, electronics, cosmetics, handbags, fragrances, bed sheets and other house ware and much more. It also has a good collection of branded things from Gucci, Michael Kors, Burberry, Furla and Tory Burch. The country gradually inclining towards online shopping options and Zawgyi Mart is a good addition to it.

4. Inle Lake – For Local Products Shopping

Th Inle Lake is among the top 10 must-see places in Myanmar, and it is an equally magnificent place to buy beautiful and authentic fabric, lacquerware and other handicrafts. Inle Lake is home to a number of textiles in Myanmar and while having a boat cruise or walking near the dock, you will hear voices of loom busy weaving fabric and thread. Inle Lake Myanmar is the best place to buy rare and authentic lotus thread that is the product of Myanmar only. Usually, women are in the big majority of these places, or textiles, as they are more skilled and trained at making this fabric than men.

5. Gems Museum and Gems Mart – For Gems & Jewellery Shopping

Probably the best place to buy gemstones, Myanmar Gems Museum and Gems Mart is the chief tourist attraction. Myanmar is extremely famous for its precious gemstones like jade, ruby, topaz, pearls and diamonds and it is the best place if you want to buy genuine gems. The Gems Mart has everything, including jade and other single gem jewellery with multi-gem pieces that are beautiful, rare and authentic. Besides jewellery, you can also buy gem-carved animals, Buddha statues made in jade and raw uncultured stones that require permission to buy and carry. Along with gems, you will also receive the certificate of authenticity for your gems. You Myanmar shopping experience will be incomplete, if you miss out to visit Gems Museums.

6. Ocean Super Center – Preferred Shopping Mall in Myanmar

Want to visit the best shopping mall in Myanmar? Choose the Ocean Super Center. The mall is considered as one of the best malls in Myanmar and has everything you can think of, a good thing about it is that it has everything under single roof, from a wide and large collection of products including electronics, home appliances, house ware, furniture, kitchenware, sports equipment and other products and many other things. Eating is a part of quality shopping experience and you will get a good collection at the mall as it is filled with a number of cafes and food spots serving Asian food. The Ocean Super Center has presence in major cities of Myanmar, including Yangon, Mandalay & Nay Pyi Taw.

Address: Thiri Condo, Corner of Pyay Rd & Taw Win Rd, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon.
Phone: (951) 508460 / 61 / 62

With cultural local markets to newly modernized shopping malls, Myanmar shopping can be an overwhelming experience for many of us.

How was your shopping experience in Myanmar? Have we missed any creditable shopping destination in Myanmar? Please let us know in your comments.

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