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Myanmar Shopping Mall – Best Shopping Malls in Myanmar

Are you a Shopaholic and look for shopping malls & other places to for shopping while visiting a new place? Where Myanmar offers a lot of unique and one of its kind crafts, it offers abundant shopping opportunities as well. Shopping in Myanmar can be an interesting experience as the people are naturally good natured, bargaining is a persistent trend and if accompanied by a local, you can get really good things at reasonable prices from one of the Myanmar Shopping Mall.

Best Shopping Malls to Visit in Myanmar

Wondering what places and malls to visit? Don’t worry we have got you covered. Below are the top Shopping Malls in Myanmar where you will find a number of rare and good quality things:

1. Dagon Shopping Centre

If you are looking to have a great shopping experience in Myanmar then visiting Dagon Shopping Centre is a must, it is one of the best Myanmar Shopping Mall that offers a lavish internet cafe as well. And this is what makes it an ideal place for tourists, here you will find a wide and good collection of shoes, handbags and loose cloth. You can get fabric on sale too with a number of places to eat out and Myanmar is really famous for its cuisine. Want to have a haircut on the run? No worries, Dagon Shopping Centre also has a beauty salon that caters to the hair cutting and styling needs of shoppers.

2. Bogyoke Aung San Market

When visiting a place it is a good idea to visit its local places, they give you better and in depth insight of the country and its culture and at the end of the end you will have a lot to say about it, which is absolutely a good thing. It was formerly known as Scott Market, and is located at the heart of Yangon and presents the colonial era and architecture. And you can buy anything from here. The shopkeepers are friendly and you can wood carvings, lacquerware, tapestries, silk and cotton fabric and a lot of other things there. Read more about things to buy in Myanmar to make most of your trip to Bagyoke Aung San Market.

3. Ocean Super Centre

The Ocean Super Centre is one of the best Myanmar shopping malls that offer a ‘one stop solution’ to everyone as, literally, there is nothing you can’t buy there. The biggest plus point of Ocean Super Centre is the comfortable place it offers along with a wide array of products, some of the commonly shopped products include electronics, furniture, household products, toys, sports equipment and bedroom things. Shopping involves eating out also and Ocean Super Centre is one Myanmar Shopping Mall that offers a range of Asian food and cafes as well.

4. J’s Irrawaddy Dream

If you are looking to buy some locally made unique handicrafts then J’s Irrawaddy Dream is a place to go. It deals in all kinds of crafts, silk fabric, laquerware, jewellery and Buddhist statues that you may not find any place else. A good thing about this particular shopping store is that it has both contemporary and antique art pieces. If you want to take back Myanmar souvenirs and memorable pieces for yourself and as a gift for your loved ones, you should visit this recommended Myanmar Shopping Mall.

5. Blazon Shopping Centre

The Blazon Shopping Centre opened in the year 2000 and now is one of the shopping centres in Myanmar having a lot of branded shops with Adidas, Espirit and Guess to name a few. It is a three-storey shopping centre; the first floor offers many branded clothing clothes and offers a good entertaining experience for kids also. It has a separate kids section where parents leave their children while they shop. Besides the shopping mall, it also has a great supermarket inside it that covers various products and cater to the shoppers’ varied needs.

6. Taw Win Centre

The Taw Win Centre is located on Pyay Road and the newest addition in the big shopping Malls in Myanmar, Yangon. The mall had five floors and offers branded shops of clothing, jewellery, furniture and electronics, some of the notable facts about the shopping mall are it has a game centre, 3D Cineplex, largest book shop in Yangon, Paul Mitchell hair products and The Body Shop.

7. Sein Gay Har Super Centre

Similar to Taw Win Centre, Sein Gay Har Super Centre is amongst the newly built Shopping Mall in Myanmar, but it is slightly older than it. The mall has shops offering clothes. Electronic appliances, mobile goods, cosmetics, shoes and a number of eateries including Burger Star, Donut King, shops selling fried chicken, ice cream shop and an excellent collection of liquor. The best thing about it is that the prices are cheaper and quality of things is good.

8. Treasure Land Gems & Jewellery Souvenirs

Taking back souvenirs is a good thing to keep your personal collection healthy. Treasure Land Gems & Jewellery Souvenirs has a remarkable collection of handicrafts, gemstones like jade and rubies, traditional jewellery, puppets (Marionettes) and tapestry. The shop was built in 1996, which means that it is quite reliable as far as quality is concerned. You can read more about Myanmar Gold Shop for idea of other places to buy souvenirs in Myanmar.

Myanmar is high on traditional products, but the arrival of new shopping destinations has added new dimensions to its culture and tourist attraction. Comment below and let us know of any other Myanmar shopping mall you visited during your Myanmar tour. You can also explore these Myanmar Online Shopping sites for more shopping options.

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