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Myanmar Gems Museum – A Heaven of Burma Jewels

The Myanmar Gems Museum is a specialized museum and mart that is dedicated to Myanmar gemstones, the museum is located in Yangon near the Kaba Aye Pagoda and visiting this museum is one of the recommended things to do in Yangon. The building of the museum is a four-storey construction with the museum being on the third floor. Gems Museum is one of the most attractive tourist places as, each year, thousands of tourists come to visit this mysterious land of jade and ruby.

Gemstones are native to Myanmar as huge amount of natural jade, ruby and sapphire occurs in its natural environment. The stones are used to make a number of products like jewellery, cups, plates, pots and are sold in raw form also.

Myanmar Gems Museum and Gems Mart

Since the Myanmar Gems Museum is located in the gems mart building, it is also one of the best places to buy authentic gems as dealers from all over the country come here to sell their precious stones.

Rare Gems and Assorted Variety

The Myanmar Gems Museum exhibits a lot of variety of assortment of jewellery and other objects made with gems and pure gold. The shops selling jewellery are on the first and second floors of the building and besides having a great display of dazzling jade gemstone and Burma jewels, you can actually buy some at the most reasonable rates. Other than selling, the museum arranges biannual gems fair and auction in the month of March and October. This is the time of the year when gems dealers from all around the world come in Yangon, Myanmar to auction and display their gemstones.

While the museum is on the third floor, but the first three floors of the gems mart work together to present the whole exciting and precious collection of unique coloured stones, pearls, sapphire, topaz, diamonds, special Myanmar rubies and antique jewellery, gold, silver and jade products.

Exquisite Gem-Carved Collection

Because of such wide variety of stones, you are likely to find everything from multi-coloured and multi-gem necklaces and bracelets to single gem jade bangles and bracelets, rings, earrings and brooches. On the upper floor of the building, you get a number of options to take home as souvenirs from Myanmar as it has everything from jade carved Buddha statues, gem-carved animals as well as raw precious stones that could be bought and made into the objects of your choice. A good thing about making a purchase there is that with the buying of stones and other Gem objects, you will get to receive certificates of authenticity that are directly issued and approved by the government of Myanmar.

Geological Collection

If you want to get into a bit of geologist’s state, then welcome to the top floor of the museum, you will find here everything from the raw minerals and stones to carved, polished and refines pieces. The products are displayed and presented in a large single room and they are nothing less than an artist’s exquisite collection. Some of the objects include three-dimensional solid gold temples and elephants made into jade and decorated with Myanmar rubies and sapphires.

Besides gem objects, you will get to witness and study some other interesting objects as things made from carving fossil wood, authentic clay votive tablets, sandstone and cast bronze images, totem emblems and symbols, musical instruments and weaponry. Interestingly, you will also find two statues of golfers in mid-swing made in all jade.

The Myanmar Gems Museum is a must-visit place, if you want to know about Myanmar gemstones and craftsmanship of the Myanmarine workers. Myanmar is an economically modest country and gemstones is one of its main sources of economical reinstatement along with their exquisite fabric. Myanmar gems are sold in Myanmar Kyats, US dollars and foreign exchange certificates plus you can always bargain a bit to get your desired price. You can also buy gems from these recommended gold shops in Myanmar.

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