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Inle Lake Myanmar – A Must-Visit Tourist Attraction in Myanmar

Inle Lake Myanmar is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Myanmar, the lake is beautiful and offers the most appealing spot to hang out and for taking pictures. Among many recommended activities for tourists in Myanmar, a visit to Inle Lake Myanmar is a must-do tourist activity.

Inle Lake Myanmar

The lake is located in Nyaungshwe Township in the Shan State and is recorded as being 13.5 miles long and breadth of 7 miles but when you actually visit the lake, you may find it difficult to mark the actual length and breadth of it. It is a freshwater lake and during the dry season the water depth stays at 7 feet while in rainy reason the depth can increase up to 12 feet. The depth of the lake can go up to 12 feet, which is a maximum-recorded depth of Inle Lake Myanmar.

Inle Lake’s Ecosystem

Inle Lake is noted for the interesting aqua creatures of which it is home to, some of them includes more than twenty snail species, approximately nine species of fish that are not found anywhere else and Sawbwa Barb, crossbanded dwarf danio and Lake Inle danio are some species that are of lower level of commercial importance. Besides fishes and snails, more than 20,000 seagulls migrate to the lake in the months of December, January and November. In 2015, Inle Lake becomes the very first Myanmar’s place of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Things to do at Inle Lake Myanmar

At first, it may seem that you do not have much to do at the lake but, believe us, Inle Lake is not only one of the most beautiful places but also amongst the most interesting places to visit in Myanmar as it offers plenty of activities for tourists.

Some of the fun things that you can do on Inle Lake Myanmar are:

1. Have a Boat Trip

Booking a boat trip is a best way to explore the lake. Inle Lake presents a luscious scene of greenery and mountain on both left and right with an opportunity to visit a number of small stilt villages, local shops and meet these cheerful people. When booking a boat tour of Inle Lake in Myanmar, you will get to have the choice between choosing a full day tour and for a few hours, but we suggest that you put a day aside for the tour since there will be a lot to see. The full day tour will include lunch and dinner breaks with visits to local markets and places.

2. Visit Hand Woven Textiles

Myanmar is known for its impeccable handicrafts including lacquerware and fabric, Inle Lake is the main textile point for Myanmar and when here, you should have a visit to such a place. As you near the dock, you will hear the clanking voice of looms and since Myanmar is the only place, where you will find lotus thread fabric, these textiles centers are best places to buy this authentic and unique fabric. The work is carried out, mostly, by women of all ages as they are considered more skilled than men are.

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3. Consider Ecotourism

Inle Lake resides Inle Lake Sanctuary, which is a wetland sanctuary with an area of 642.32 square miles and was founded in the year 1885. The main aim of this sanctuary’s development is to protect and preserve natural vegetation, fish species and lowland birds that are becoming extinct. Besides, it also works to protect the beauty of the mountains and, as a tourist; you can expect to learn some traditional agricultural methods of the local Inle Lake, Inthar, people.

Places to Eat at Inle Lake

Eating and trying out local cuisine is a must and visiting Inle Lake hotels is a best way to taste the local and fused cuisine of Myanmar. The region is filled with great restaurants and eateries, below are some famous places to eat out during your visit to this beautiful Inle lake in Myanmar:

1. Inn Thar Lay Restaurant

This restaurant is located on a wooden stilt near the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda and is best known for Chinese and Shan dishes. If you are visiting the Inle lake and want to have some of the best food and Chinese dishes on the go then this place is definitely for you.

2. Ann’s Restaurant

Ann’s Restaurant is a popular destination for tourists and is recommended for people who are interested to have local traditional Myanmar food and real Inthar taste. Other than local cuisine, the hotel is known for its premium Burmese and Chinese dishes that are sure to leave you craving for more.

3. Golden Kite

For those who are fans of Italian food, we have good news as you can satiate your love for it in Myanmar also. Golden Kite is focused on offering authentic Italian food as well as other European dishes. The restaurant is known for its pasta and pizza, the menu is reasonably priced, which makes it a good place to give a try.

4. Green Chilli

Looking for some out of the usual way of dining? Choose Green Chilli. The restaurant serves food on a colonial style building’s veranda and is known for its supreme Burmese and Thai food. The look and feel of the food and the way it is served is quite imaginative and, provided that the restaurant is on Inle Lake, the surrounding is stupendous.

5. Inle Pancake Kingdom

As the name says, the place is best known for its deliciously made pancakes and other cafe food. If you are looking for a light mean option, then the Inle Pancake Kingdom has everything you need, meticulously tasty pancake options, other cafe food and variety of fresh juices.

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Inle Lake Myanmar makes a best sightseeing choice as you will get everything from beautiful scenery to delicious food to enjoy. Have you been to the Inle Lake during your Myanmar visit? We would love to hear from you, please comment and share your experience. You can also read about other activities to do in Myanmar to make most of your trip.

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