Yangon Online Shopping Guide – Where to Buy Online in Yangon?

Yangon is the largest city of Myanmar and attracts a lot of visitors each year and shopping in Yangon is always in full swing, the main reasons that make this city so popular are the huge number of temples and pagodas present here, lavish Myanmar shopping malls and restaurants, both roadside and well-built coffee and tea houses. Where Myanmar is now entering into a new wave of modernization, by opening its gates for tourists, it is also taking a more advance shift towards shopping.

Online shopping is becoming a slow trend in Myanmar, especially online shopping in Yangon, Myanmar as people are now inclined towards online options mostly due to the ease of the process. People can now easily shop everything from jewellery to clothes to home ware without abandoning the comfort of their home. Where the process is easy, it is more likely that the users or tourists fall for low quality products, with single search you will come up with a whole number of websites. Wondering, how will you know which sites to contact and buy from? We have the answer to your question.

Yangon Online Shopping Guide

Following are some of the sites that specialize in online shopping for Yangon and you will get the value of your money.

1. Yangon Online Store

Yangon Online Store is one of the notable online shopping stores of Yangon, Myanmar. The store is user friendly with clean graphics and simple user interface as you will be able to see, find and browse the categories easily. The categories include electronics, Myanmar books, tools, clothing and computer accessories and things that you could easily find there are handbags, eye-wear, footwear, clothing, camcorders, eBook readers a number of Apple products, cosmetic and perfumes. Though the collection is not that wide but, again, the area is at rudimentary stage and will take some time to develop. Overall, the store is decent and you can access it from here.

2. Kaymu

Kaymu is larger than Yangon Online Store since it has a significantly large collection of products of all kinds. The site is in a local Myanmar language with the product details presented in English, some of the categories include housewares, cosmetics, appliances and shoes and things you can purchase are watches, cameras, fitness and sports goods and a good collection of smart watches. The collection is good and you will find a number of good products to buy from here. Access the store from here.

3. Dailymart

OK. So this is not a usual ‘shopping site’ where you could buy clothes and shoes, but you can definitely buy fresh vegetables and fruits here and this is what Dailymart is all about. Dailymart is an online grocery store in Yangon, focused on delivering fresh and frozen food to doorstep, a good way of revolutionizing grocery shopping there. The look and feel of the site is simple, which is a good thing after all, who wants to lose their way in a labyrinth of Web Pages? So, what exactly can you find there, everything, including Polar and Magnolia ice-cream, milk, bread and eggs and vegetables and fruits. Besides, they also offer a good collection of household, home decor and personal care products. Visit the site here and see what they got.

4. Zawgyi Mart

Now this is what we call an online superstore, the store is ‘really big’ with loads of products and good collection of nearly everything. Some of the products you will find here include handbags from Michael Kors, Furla and Tory Burch, Gucci and Burberry fragrances, bed sheets and a big collection of appliances and electronics. The best way to find out more is to browse through it, access the site from here and look for yourself.

5. Scarlet Online Fashion Shop

Scarlet Online Fashion Store is a specialty store entirely dedicated to the cause of offering trendy clothes and dresses to their consumers. You can place the order directly from their Facebook page and, unfortunately, their official email address on their Facebook profile page. Some of the clothes they sell are jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, blouse and tops, dresses and oh so adorable superman shirts in white, orange, black and green colors. If you want to place your order, you can access their Facebook profile page here.

Online shopping in Yangon is gradually increasing in the country as people are becoming interested in this trend. The country is improvising and so are their shopping and other daily routine trends, but still, it is deeply rooted and it will take quite some time to develop.

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Have you bought anything via a Yangon online shopping store? Do let us know about your experience and products’ quality through your comments.

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