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Best 10 Myanmar Restaurants to Try on your Trip

What is the very first thing you think of when planning a visit? In our case, it is the food that we just love to explore the local cuisine and equally love to share our views with you. Food is an inevitable part of a cuisine, the reason why it is considered as a main aspect of a culture, it reflects the way people live, the way they connect with each other and, most importantly, the food is a medium to pass down traditions and culture to the best generation.

Myanmar is not only rich in handicrafts, gemstones and pleasantly cheerful people, but it is also rich in cuisine also. Being a melting pot of Thai, Chinese and Indian culture, Myanmar restaurants offer food with all three of these with its very own unique taste.

Best 10 Myanmar Restaurants

If you are already in Myanmar then you must have already tried its local street food or Myanmar traditional food, if not, then head to the stalls, have you tried the Myanmar restaurants there? Visiting a restaurant will give you an opportunity to witness fused Burmese cuisine and the way this civilization is heading towards development and transformation.

Below are some of the best restaurants in Myanmar that you must try on your visit:

1. Green Elephant

Green Elephant is located in Mandalay, one of the main tourist attraction places other than Bagan and Yangon, and specialises in the traditional Burmese cuisine. Green Elephant is one of the three-restaurant chain business, the other two are present in the other parts of the country, and has modest beginning. This Myanmar restaurant started in a waste garage in Yangon and is now located in a 20th century colonial style villa with a beautiful rustic garden.

From the very beginning of its operations, the restaurant was focused on offering authentic and best Burmese food with western style hygiene and presentation standards. Looking at it now, it has lived up to its aim as it is now known for its authentic Burmese food and Thai and Chinese dishes made straight from the vegetables from their very own local garden.

Address: No.37, University Avenue, Shwe Taung Kyar 1st Quarter, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Phone: +95-1 537 551

2. Cafe City

Looking to have something more Western? Head to the local hit Cafe City. The place is quite prominent as you walk down the East Moat Road as it has with cheesy neon signs, mini cars, and model planes decoration. Surprisingly, Cafe City is more like an American eatery with leather booth seating and a number of famous Western dishes like pizza, steak and battered fish. Besides these fiercely American dishes, it also serves honey-grilled prawns, fish kebabs delicately flavoured with coconut and significant options for Japanese dishes.

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As the country is now moving towards modernising, it is fascinated with the international culture, the reason that makes Cafe City so attractive for local youth.

Address: 66th St, Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)

3. House of Memories

The name says it all, House of Memories is an Asian and western food serving facility resided in the colonial house once owned by their General Aung San. This Myanmar restaurant has earned its name in Burmese local and traditional cuisine as well as the unique opportunity of learning Burmese history, it offers to the guests, definitely a must visit restaurant in Myanmar on your trip.

Address: No. 290, U Wizara Road, Kamaryut Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Phone: +951 525195 / +951 534242

4. Ko’s Kitchen

Ko’s Kitchen is a Thai restaurant located in Mandalay, the place has a considerable number of Thai minority, which is the reminiscent of the northern Thai kingdom, Lanna, which was once under the Burmese territory. Being focused on Thai food, this restaurant IS the place if you want to have the taste of authentic and delicious Thai food in Myanmar; the place is to the west of the newly restructures magnificent Mandalay Palace. Ko’s Kitchen is present in a beautiful art deco building and has a glorious glass-walled kitchen, so besides having delicious food you can actually see your food cooking.

Some of the Ko’s Kitchen speciality dishes include fish skewers, spicy minced pork salad, Larb Llana, catfish salad infused with mangoes and cashew nuts, Pla Duk Foo, and elaborately prepared green and red curries.

Address: Inwa St, Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)

5. Padonmar Restaurant

Located on Kha-Yae-Pin Road, Yangon, Padonmar restaurant is a two-kitchen place managed and run under the expert guidance of international Burmese chef Sonny Aung Khin, now that makes it a definite Myanmar restaurant to visit on our list. The restaurant has a 1920s house and garden background that is quite overwhelming, as you will feel as if you are attending a garden party. The restaurant is known for its natural and MSG-free Thai and Burmese dishes including soups, salads, sauce and meat based cuisine.

Address: 105/107 Kha Yay Pin St, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

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6. The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant

The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant is a great place if you are tired of meat dishes and want to have something coming straight from the garden, or field. The place has quite a pleasant setting, as it is a candle lit garden restaurant in the old city of Bagan. This Myanmar restaurant has delicious vegetarian options like fresh soups, vegetarian curries and salads while, to keep things interesting, they regularly change their speciality dishes as green papaya salad.

Address: Nyaung-U, Myanmar (Burma)

7. Le Planteur

Located in Bahan Township, La Planteur is like a dream come true, after all, who would think that there is a Swiss restaurant in Myanmar and that also operated by a Michelin star restaurant owner Felix and Lucia Eppiser. The garden restaurant is in a colonial mansion constructed in red brick and is significantly known for its local fish specialities and dishes made from premium quality imported meat. Other than top quality signature dishes, there is a mouth watering collection of desserts and the best thing is that, you can sample four to five of them in a single sitting.

Address: 80 University Avenue, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Phone:+95 1 514 230

8. Kinsana Garden Theatre

Want to experience local theatre with delicious food? Welcome to Kinsana Garden Theatre. It is an open-air theatre with beautiful gardens surrounding it in the Mandalay Palace Hotel. The place is limited by the capacity of 120 people placed in tables for four setting on a dimly lit terrace. It has fabulous food with barbecue and continental choices and you can enjoy the shows of dance, music and costumes portraying different Bagan dynasties. A handy tip, arrive early to the restaurant to have the seat of your choice and a delicious cocktail from its bar.

9. Singapore’s Kitchen

This restaurant is not in Singapore but in Myanmar. Singapore’s Kitchen offers delicious and premium quality pork ribs, stuffed eggplant, deep-fried chicken, fried prawns and a lot of other dishes. The place is a famous destination for tourists and locals alike as it serves great Chinese food in a garden environment, quite a relaxing experience. You can also experience Burmese food in Singapore from this restaurant.

Address: No.330, Ahlon Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

10. Feel Myanmar Food

What is the other great thing about visiting the National Museum Myanmar? Besides witnessing Burmese history, you can visit the Feel Myanmar Food cafe near it. Unlike the other Myanmar restaurants on this list, which are somewhat genteel, Feel Myanmar Food is purely Burmese in style, environment and food. The place is a definite hit with the office workers as the place becomes fully jammed in lunchtime, but, interestingly, no one gets to leave hungry. The waiters are friendly beings that help the guests in choosing the dishes and the food is served at a counter and in steel trays. The food ranges from seafood, rice noodles, salads, meat dishes and a collection of freshly made juices.

Address: 124 Pyi Htaung Su Yeikthar Street, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Phone:+95 9 730 48783
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Myanmar is a great place with great cuisine, do you know of other Myanmar restaurants serving notable Burmese and continental food? Please let us know in your comments.

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