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Myanmar Hot Air Balloon Ride – What is so Unique about It

The hot air balloon ride is a unique activity in Myanmar and it is one of the main tourist attractions, each year, thousands of tourists from all over the world come in Myanmar to experience its rich culture and to have a great hot balloon ride. So what exactly makes this Myanmar hot balloon ride so unique? There are a number of reasons and facts that is special about this ride and attracts the visitors so much.

While in Myanmar, we strongly suggest that you plan and book a hot air balloon ride as it is one of the recommended things to do for tourists in Myanmar. The activity is unique and you may not find it anywhere else, after all, where else you will find the opportunity of visiting loads if pagodas in a single ride? And the second main reason, as we always say in our other articles also, Myanmar is experiencing in a shift of focus to development and we should help them in it. Having a balloon ride will add to this help, a good way to earn some good karma.

What is so Unique about Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Now this is the question that must have arisen in many of our readers’ minds, why do we add this in our ‘must-do’ list and why do we always suggest trying it during your Myanmar visit. Following are some of the main reasons that make this ride so unique and sought after:

1. Hot Balloon Ride is Exclusive

Yes, you heard it right. The Myanmar hot air balloon ride is quite an exclusive experience both in terms of finance and the actual ‘flight’, as an estimate, balloon ride for a single person costs around $385, which may not be possible for everyone to afford. But don’t be disappointed, you can visit all the places by land too. As for the other factor, hot balloon ride is largely based on weather, which simply means that your ride can be cancelled any time before you take off. The hot balloon ride in Myanmar is conducted in bright and sunny weather so if it’s cloudy and forecasted of rain then your flight is cancelled.

*Cost may vary.

2. Great View of Pagodas and Temples

The hot air balloon ride activity is the best choice for the people who want to have a scenic view of the pagodas and temples present in Bagan. While visiting them on land will be time consuming and demanding as you will be required to take off your shoes and, to be honest, you may not be able to visit them all in during your visit. During your balloon ride, you can have the beautiful view of the silent peaceful villages, lakes and temples from a different aspect. All the beauty lying below and the approaching sunrise, it will definitely leave you enthralled, take your camera with you and capture this exquisite picturesque view.

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3. The ‘V.V.I.P’ Treatment

The best thing about booking a hot balloon ride activity is the specialized treatment that comes along with it. The whole arrangement goes like this: you tell your hotel to book the ride, the bus arrives before the sunrise as these rides takes place in such time of the day, the bus takes you to the hot balloon station where you will be served hot coffee to keep you fresh and awake, then the balloon ride and at the end of it, they will serve you champagne and traditional Burmese breakfast. For some, this bus ride to and from the hot balloon station and breakfast at the end may sound unnecessary, but, if you are visiting Myanmar for the first time then we strongly recommend that you take this ride at least for once.

4. The Scenic Beauty on Return

While returning from the balloon ride you will see the astounding beauty lying all round the lush land, slowly awakening villages, sounds of temple bells and gongs and the slow spreading of sunlight. You must be thinking that you can have all this without having to go on a balloon ride; yes, you can but only if you wake up really early in the morning and start your explorations. Still, the bus tour you will have on your return offers you more as it will pass through villages and other green pastures that you may not be able to access by yourself.

5. You will not find the same Experience anywhere Else

You can have a hot balloon ride in other parts of the world too, but, you will not have the sacred and beautiful views of pagodas and rural villages. Since the country is not as modern as other advanced countries, it has loads of villages and other rural areas that are ornate with green pasture and peacefully simple environment. Therefore, if you are looking for one solid reason to book this ride in Myanmar, then this is it, sky-scrapping pagodas and ancient temples are in full view that you can enjoy during your hot balloon ride.

The Myanmar hot air balloon ride is an exclusive activity that is enjoyed by both the locals and tourists alike, did you have the hot balloon ride during your Myanmar visit? Comment and let us know of your experience.

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